Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years at The Woodlands Personal Training Studio we have found that clients ask very similar questions. We have compiled those questions and answers into a short list.  By no means will these answer all your questions or concerns so, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We would love an opportunity to talk with you directly regarding you training goals,

- Where do your personal trainers train your clients?

Our trainers utilize our private personal training studio located at 25901 I-45 North, Ste D, The Woodlands, Texas 77380. It is a very private and spacious training environment that allows our trainers to provide all of our clients with the very best service and training experience possible.

- I am nervous about getting started, I have never done anything like this before.

Many new clients felt that way at first. We find after you meet us, our clients feel exceptionally comfortable with our staff and training approach. We are guided by a simple passion for helping people - we thrive by educating clients and designing programs that take them well beyond their goals, beyond what they ever thought was possible. We're here to support you and bring out your best health, fitness and body. That's our promise and commitment to you.

- What does a personal trainer actually do?

We meet with you and find out as much about your goals as possible. We design a training program for you and workout with you at every appointment, one-on-one, until we help you reach your goals.

- What kind of results should I expect working with a personal trainer?

Typically, our clients in 4 weeks can lose 3-4% body fat.

- What does a normal personal training session consist of?

Every individual's training sessions are different based upon their goals, but most programs consist of a light warm-up and stretching, 40-55 minutes of resistance training, followed by a cooldown and stretching period. Depending on the individual's goals, a cardio regimen may also be followed.

- How often do you change the training program?

Our personal trainers constantly change your training program to keep your body guessing and to keep you from getting bored. As your body adapts, your program will progress to ensure that you keep making strides toward your goals.

- Can I come in when it's convenient for me?

All training sessions are by appointment. We begin as early as 6:00am or as late as 8:00pm. At your consultation, we'll set up training times that are convenient for you. 

- How are you different from other trainers or the chain gyms?

We are a private studio - huge crowds are not a part of The Woodland Personal Training Studio. Unfortunately, many trainers are paid extra and are under a lot of pressure to sell clients supplements and other things they may not need. Also, many chain gyms don't require trainers to have a top certification. Their job is to keep you coming in, whether you're making progress or not, and their workout routines are very generalized. We design each program and nutritional regimen from scratch, based on the individual's needs and current fitness level.